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Visual content, designed to last.

We help brand identities to leave a mark and stand the test of time.

Visual content with impact? We boast 5000 years of experience.

Want to leave a mark? Something that shows who you are and that sets you apart from your competitors?

In the Chauvet cave in France, a prehistoric artist completed a drawing of a horse that was left unfinished over 5000 years earlier. He was able to finalise it, despite the immense time gap and without the help of words, a map or any context. Apparently, the visual was understood intuitively.

At Flint, we believe brand identities should leave a distinct and intuitive mark. That’s why all our content aims for the long run and is always tailored to your brand.

Let's start a fire

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Visual engaging direct mailings

Connecting a brand to its customers with a corporate but well appreciated effort.

Building limited visual content for a full campaign

A complete campaign with a few visual assets and maximum impact.

Focus and clarity for a tech start-up

Creating clear visual assets with a single tone-of-voice.

Visualizing complex processes

Explaining the story with engaging visual content.

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Our approach

We created a clear workflow with 3 stages. This journey guides you as a client in a very transparent way through our creation process.

1. Exploration

We list unexplored visual opportunities for your brand and we propose a specific package of visual assets.

2. Design & Scale

First, we create a prototype. Next, we turn the prototype into a full illustration system.

3. Implement

We integrate your new visual content into the rest of your communication or provide you with custom-made guidelines.

About our approach

This is what we do

We believe your visual content marketing should rely on a library of cohesive, visual brand assets. That’s why we don’t design single piece content. Every library we create is a combination of these assets:

Character Design

Character designs

campaign visual

Campaign Visuals

Spot Illustration

Spot illustrations


Icon Packs

Shapes & Patterns

It all began with a piece of Flint. A fire was lit, charcoal burned. A mark was made on ancient rocks.-At Flint, we help marketers and designers leave a mark with distinct brand identities.

Exploring the world of visual content

Check out our resources for marketeers and designers. We share some Best Practices involving visual content. We discuss our Culture with other artists and clarify our niche in our Definition series.

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Flint helped us to develop a unique visual language for our client Yunite. A close collaboration from briefing to final concept resulted in a playful illustration system used in all the brand's communications.

Sébastien Gernay, Brand Strategist at Hunt

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