We combine multiple types of assets into our visual assets libraries. In this guide we explain the different kinds of assets you might expect:

Character Design

Character design
Characters are amongst the most distinct assets of your brand. It is proven that customers are as likely to spot your brand by its mascot as by the use of your logo! A character is a versatile and long-lasting part of your brand. Your design team will love it. We design custom characters that fits perfectly with the rest of your visual identity.

campaign visual

Campaign visuals
A full page visual and a couple of different deliverables with a variation of the original visual. This light combination is an effective and economical way of delivering a clear and exciting message.

Amongst the most popular formats for conveying complex data, infographics are an evergreen in visual content marketing.

Spot Illustration

Spot illustration
Break down long texts with bits of brand illustration in between. You’ll keep your readers attention to your content while also reminding them about your brand.

Small assets to convey a single concept. Custom made icons will match your brand identity better than default ones.

Shapes and patterns
Let your creatives go all the way with matching background shapes and repeating patterns. Adds a subtle but pleasing touch of branding to your content.