Building limited visual content for a full, public campaign

With their campaign Proper & Ko, the city of Kortrijk wants to encourage respect for the living environment and calls upon all citizens of Kortrijk to work towards a cleaner and more pleasant city. Proper & Ko refers to the many helping hands in the battle against cigarette butts, dog dirt, litter, chewing gum, etc.

From the start, the city's primary aim with this campaign was to make the residents aware of the different forms of litter and pollution. How do you make a clear visual that brings together all the different topics? And how do you ensure that the campaign does not have a reprimanding tone? Ultimately, this campaign had to be supported by as many residents as possible.

A versatile visual approach

We took care of the name search and developed and designed one visual in a modular way: The visuals consists of 5 sympathetic characters who each symbolize one of the 5 themes from the campaign. Each character can be used separately with their own background. But together they form a clear, coherent visual as well.

Next, the graphic team finalized the graphic design with our visuals and used the 5 assets on flags, advertisements, stickers, their social media and in animation.

Thanks to the warm personality of the visual and the smart roll-out of posters and stickers at local stakeholders, the Proper & Ko visual now acts as a label proudly worn by the volunteers who help keep their city clean.

"This is a good example of how to set up a complete campaign with just a few visual assets: The visuals quickly became familiar and created maximum brand awareness in the public space"

Client: Stad Kortrijk
AD: Communicatiedienst Stad Kortrijk

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