Visualizing complex processes

Vanden Avenne produces a complex product: during the production of bio-ethanol, by-products are obtained which are converted in turn into DDGS, a protein-rich animal feed. A product that starts and ends its cycle with the farmer. Demonstrating such an intricate process wasn’t an easy task. Also, the individual stages weren't suitable to capture with photography. This required an infographic!

Illustrating a process

For this infographic we dissected the process into 14 stages and illustrated these in a clean, isometric layout. The various by-products were also given a spot, along with a set of distinct pictograms.

We used bright yellow and green as accent colors. A match with the industrial gray and at the same time a wink to corn from which DDGS originates.

"Even complex processes that aren’t really visually engaging, can be presented in an appealing and clear way. "

Client: Vanden Avenne Commodities
AD & Graphic Design: Capone

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