Focus and clarity for a tech start-up

The tech start-up Yunite offers a wide range of network, television and security services for both companies and individuals. Such a broad variety of services required a revision of the brand's architecture.In the new branding, the services are divided into 3 separate units, allowing a more clear and focused communication for each service.

A custom-made illustration system

Branding agency Hunt was executing the overall rebranding of the firm. The tech industry is largely dominated by stock imagery. As designers know, the services of the sector are hard to translate into understandable and appealing visual content. That’s why Hunt tasked us with the creation of a unique scalable illustration system.

We designed a range of visuals, ranging from icons and to larger spot-illustrations. Designers now have access to clear, understandable visual assets with a coherent tone-of-voice and tailored to the Yunite brand!

Fully tailored visual brand assets

We designed various pieces of visual content. We gave the illustrations a human approach by introducing a simple character. Each unit in the brand architecture comes with its own color schemes, and so do the illustrations for each unit.

"Flint helped us to develop a unique visual language for our client Yunite with a recognizable set of characters in relatable situations to communicate their IT services to the outside world. A close collaboration from briefing to final concept resulted in a playful illustration system used in all communications of the brand."

Sébastien Gernay - Brand Strategist at Hunt

Client: Yunite
Strategy & AD: Hunt

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