More impact with a direct mailing

Hectaar NV is a construction company and project developer specialising in real estate. They wanted to surprise their network with an original, heartwarming Christmas card. And of course, Hectaar's core business had to be in the picture.

For this greeting card, we drew a wintry moment among new neighbors.  Houses in the foreground, but also details like keys under the Christmas tree and an approving site manager. All tailored to Hectaar's business!

Receiving a physical card in a digital age is fun. The card is embossed (such as the snowflakes on the white parts), glued and finished with gold foil. Generous extras that make for a festive feeling! The uncoated Lessebo paper gives the colours a special softness.

Such a direct mailing scores through 3 things where illustration has an edge over (photo)graphic design: Your brand can tell its story in a simple, direct way. You reach your target group in a more emotional way. And the high degree of personalization ensures that the message is relevant.

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